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the hypnotist

Recently, I was at the chiropractor telling the masseuse about my experience getting an MRI. "I freaked out. We tried three times and I just couldn't handle it." "Why?" "I don't like anything touching my face. I didn't realize it until I had an MRI, but I guess I'm really, really claustrophobic. At the end I asked for the Valium but the tech said I was freaked out and it wouldn't work. So I had to come back in, with an incredibly supportive friend who was kind enough to stand there, hold my hand, and talk me through the whole thing. With the Valium and her being there, I was fine." "Maybe you just have a phobia about doctors." "I told my doctor I have white coat syndrome." "What did she say?" "She asked me how I learned about it and I told her, I read it on the Internet and I know I have it, because my blood pressure goes up when I visit her." "What did she say then?" &

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