The Newport Levee is the new Main Street

It was inevitable. Shortly after Jefferson Hall moved over to Newport on the Levee, they ran a radio ad touting the benefits of "the new Main Street!" Ouch!

The WCPO I-Team Bong Team (hit the bong? drop the bong?) insists that Main Street has changed for the better. Yes, they say, the Cincinnati Main Street district has taken its lumps, losing seven bars over the last year, but it's more neighbor-hood-y now. Meanwhile, my former neighbors in mansion hill battle traffic, buckled cobblestone streets and long lines at the traffic lights. Grumph.

Newport isn't a mall, or a purple bridge, or a yellow bridge, either. It's beautiful historic homes, sweeping city views, and a welcoming community. It's Southgate House, York Street Cafe, Mansion Hill tavern and yes, the Brass Ass, one of the last bastions of old Newport, proudly steadfast on the drive to the river.

I boycott the Newport Levee on principle. Maybe one day I'll go to Hot Topic to get an Express tattoo on my lower back and then hit Johnny Rockets for a red meat transfusion. Sorry, but if I want to go to a franchised restaurant, I'll take Big Boy over the Levee's dining options any day.

Newport on the Levee- their tagline is "a world away from everyday." From everyday what?


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