Friday, February 23, 2007

I Confess. Now You Can Confess Too.

“The Number 23” opens at theaters everywhere today. The movie deals with secrets and the need to repent by confession. The movie’s promotion department is sponsoring a contest. Your videotaped confession (you can blur yourself out, tape in the dark, or do anything you need to do to guarantee anonymity) could win you $2300.

The Catholic season of Lent began Wednesday and marks the 40 days before Easter. During Lent, Catholics are encouraged to go to Confession. I never had much to confess when I was little and have never been to Confession as an adult (can you imagine how far the line would back up waiting for me to finish?). I maintain that I live life without regret, but there are a few things I am sorry for.

I confess: I’m sorry I did that stupid, hurtful thing. I think about it still and it rankles every time I remember. I hope you’ve forgiven me, and I hope that you’ve had many successes in your life since then.

Videotape your confession and submit it to YouTube for a crack at winning $2300.
Or, post your confession here in the blog comments and you’ll win my admiration instead. Whether that’s worth $2300 is up for debate.