Teenage Girl Hasn't Stopped Hiccuping for 3 Weeks

Jennifer Mee is on the Today show this morning, hiccuping every other second. News stories claim she hiccups 50 times a minute. It's painful to watch.

Everyone in my family gets the hiccups. And we all get the hiccups very loudly. My cure-all for hiccups has always been, drink upside down. It usually works. Holding my breath and swallowing hard is another alternative that I've had some success with.

Of course, poor Miss Mee has tried every hiccup remedy known to man, with no success. Suggestions that came to Today included acupuncture and going to a Chiropractor. She's willing to try almost anything.

What are your ideas for a successful hiccups remedy? I'll e-mail the best ideas to the Today show.