Monday, July 2, 2007

tahoe fires

From my dear friend Lora, a longtime resident of Lake Tahoe. For many years, Tahoe has been a favorite gathering place for my family. One of my brothers was even married at the Cal-Neva. It remains, for all of us, one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Friends and Fam,

Thank you immensely for all calls, emails, texts, and good thoughts of concern during the Angora Fire. Please know that we are all okay. It's truly amazing that no one was hurt considering how fast the fire moved and the density of the area affected. The area struck, bordering Meyers and South Lake Tahoe, is a highly residential area, where many of our crew call home, and where many of you have stayed when visiting. Of the 180 some odd homes destroyed, roughly 70% were second homes and the firefighters did an absolutely amazing job of preserving as many permanent residences as possible. Pls see a few dramatic picts attached taken by friends.

That said, Billy, my big Bro, did loose his place to the fire. Billy, in true Elder form, lives minimally and lost little more tangibles than his sleeping place and some clothes. Unfortunately Eric, who owned the home, and Jordan, his long term roommate, lost much more. I'm hustling to put a household together for them and i think we have secured most necessary items.

We're also working with two orgs to facilitate local donations from businesses and individuals, Tahoe Businesses Who Care (email: and Locals for Locals. If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me as there are lots of folks that could use assistance.

Lastly, i have to stress that no tourism areas at the Lake have been affected and the Basin is absolutely as stunning as ever. Our clear blue skies, crisp, fresh air, killer trails, gentle breezes, and the aquamarine and azure waters of the Lake are, as always, simply breathtaking and awe inspiring. PLEASE get the word out that Tahoe Summer is in full swing and the town is ready for vacationers. I've also attached an equally dramatic but more serene shot of what Tahoe looks like these days post-fire.

Again, thank you all for your Concern -- and Come Visit!