Friday, August 24, 2007

Hangover Cures: What's Your Favorite?

I could use a little help today with finding a good hangover cure.

Here's the best ones I know, from my parents, who have 50+ years experience perfecting hangover cures:

  • Take preventive action. When you get home on the night in question, take two aspirin and drink a HUGE glass of water. This one came from my mom. I modified it with input from a friend who's an RN and told me aspirin upsets the stomach, so a non-aspirin pain reliever is best.
  • Go to the track and drink bloody marys. This one is from my dad. Hair of the dog, and all that.
Here's my favorite hangover cure: Punish yourself. I like to do a bunch of chores that I've been putting off and generally make myself feel miserable. I don't know the psychological ramifications, but man, it always makes me feel better.

I'm open to suggestions, so tell me: What's your favorite hangover cure?