Makin' Some Changes: The Kenton County Library

So I noticed today at the Kenton County library that they have author's bios posted throughout the stacks. Cute. I asked about it when I checked out the new John Sandford. "It's something new that we're trying," the librarians told me. "They're thinking about turning the Covington library into more of a retail space." Huh?

"A retail space. And," she queried, "what would you think about us walking up to you when you're browsing, and asking if you need any help finding anything? Would you like that? Because that's what we're talking about doing next."

"Absolutely not," your faithful blogger responded. "I think that's the worst idea I've ever heard. One of the things I like best about the library is the ability to get lost in my head when I'm looking for books."

I won't reveal the library employees' thoughts on the subject. However, they did tell me that if I, or anyone else, also thinks that this is the "worst idea they've ever heard," they can visit the Kenton County library's comments page to share their thoughts with the Covington's library director.

I sent him a note already, to get the ball rolling.