After the Fireworks: Post-Riverfest Survival Tips

Monday morning dawned over a city that's been transformed. Riverfest detritus from half a million people lines both sides of the river and trash from millions of other fireworks party participants dot parks and hillside homes all over Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. And in even more of a transformation, there will be more tired and hungover people in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky today than on any other day of the year.

I often feel let down after a major event is over. This year is especially bittersweet since I am saving up for a big move. Though I could easily see myself making an annual journey to visit friends over Labor Day weekend. That seems right.

In a tired and worn-out city, a lot of people will just be hanging out at home, recovering. That opens the door to do any number of things with less waiting and more space to move around. So, what to do after the Fireworks? Some post-Riverfest survival tips:

1. Go see a movie. Jesse James is looking good.

2. Go out to dinner. Call first to make sure the restaurant is open.

3. My favorite post-Riverfest tradition is going to the Cradle Stakes at the River Downs racetrack. The Cradle Stakes have to be the biggest race of the year at River Downs, and there's always plenty of good people-watching at the racetrack. The stands are shaded, so no worries if the sun feels a little too bright on our bleary Monday afternoon. Plus, River Downs makes a fairly decent spicy bloody mary.

Your ideas for post-Riverfest survival?