Best Places to Watch the Riverfest Fireworks in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

OK, I meant to get this posted a few days ago but I got sidetracked. Here's a rundown of some of the best places to watch the Riverfest fireworks in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

  1. Devou Park in Covington has spectacular views of the city any time, and awesome views of the fireworks;

  2. Bellevue Park in Clifton has terrific views- a great place to watch the fireworks;

  3. Alms Park in Tusculum/Hyde Park area is a pretty park, you won't see all of the fireworks (e.g., the waterfalls), but then again, you won't see all of them unless you are right smack on the river;

  4. I've seen the fireworks from that area just east of downtown Cincinnati on the riverbank, before California. Actually, we knew someone who lived there and had an annual Riverfest fireworks party and even after he moved the new people let us come back to watch;

  5. Eden Park offers awesome views of Riverfest but closes the entrance early, so you have to get up there in the afternoon.

I could go on and on with this list... In the city of seven hills, there's dozens of great places to watch the Riverfest fireworks. Any park in the city or on the Northern Kentucky side that has views of the Ohio river and bridges should work fine.

Where will I be? They close the Covington Riverside district to cars so I'll be party-hopping, people watching and generally wandering the streets of Riverside and Newport, chatting up members of the National Guard.

Remember, most streets and bridges around downtown close at 5 pm on the day of the fireworks.

I've had a couple of emails from out of towners looking for ideas on where to go, so please, add your favorite places to watch the Riverfest fireworks.