The Tacky Tour: Christmas Lights Displays in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Caught unawares, I was driving to yoga the other day in Westwood and almost wrecked my truck on Montana Avenue. Someone had their Christmas display in full effect, and me without my good camera. I’ll try to snap a shot when I head over this week, to post on the blog.

I love, love, love doing the tacky tour during the Christmas holiday season. Driving around and checking out the unbelievably out of control Christmas lights displays is terrific fun. Every year we swear we’re going to get a limo and go, but we haven’t done this yet. So far, just having a designated driver seems to work fine.

The home I referenced is none other than the Leagues’ house, with more than 25,000 lights and 100 “classic” plastic Christmas figurines. According to published reports, you can only see part of it from Montana, and slipping down a side street to see the backyard is highly recommended. You can see this Christmas lights display at 2574 Montana Avenue in Westwood.

Another classic on the tacky tour for greater Cincinnati is the Christmas lights display at Zapf’s place in North College Hill. Zapf has been running his display for more than 30 years- and uses more than 60,000 lights, about 30 Christmas trees and almost 600 figurines to show his holiday spirit. Doh! It lights up the sky, literally, and visitors never seem to stop streaming through the yard. Its sensory overload at it’s tacky best and I highly recommend it. Check out Zapf’s Christmas lights display at 2032 W. Galbraith Road.

I’ll post more entrants on the tacky tour and Christmas lights displays to see in Northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati as the season unfolds. Meanwhile, please, send me your votes for homes to include on the tacky tour- big or small, as long as they’re tacky. Send me your photos (Kevin!) if you have them, and I’ll post them or post links to your photos on the blog.

By the way (enter non-elitist disclaimer here), the folks included in the tacky tour typically don’t mind being called tacky. In Butler County, they used to post the top 10 on the tacky tour in the Hamilton Journal every winter, and it was considered quite a coup to take top honors. I’m not sure if they still do this. But the owners of the out of control Christmas lights displays I’ve spoken with in greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky know that they’re out of control, and have a sense of humor about it. Just in case you were wondering.