Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the metrosexual

“The definition of a metrosexual varies but often includes urban, wealthy and a hint of something more sinister: the very term connotes an abundance of self-indulgence. Any man interested in style… must have some intrinsic, decadent flaw.”

Right. I feel the same way about men who can cook something without benefit of a grill, enjoy room service at a posh hotel or who can talk honestly and openly about their feelings.

Seriously. Guys like that need to man up.

If a man takes care of himself, uses moisturizer and knows a bit about fashion, is it fair to call him a metrosexual? And doesn’t the term imply that men who do make an effort are something of an aberration? I have an editorial in a fashion magazine this month that talks about the term metrosexual, and makes the case that the term is discriminatory. Check it out.