Oh…Canada. (alternate title: the longest kilometer)

Being in a long distance relationship has many challenges. And when your significant other lives in another country, the challenges are magnified. Especially when that country has a different way of measuring things.

Me: “How many miles is it to the store?”

Him: “Miles?”

Me: “Well, just tell me how many minutes it will take to get there.”

Him: “Minutes?”

Even trying to decide what to wear quickly becomes a struggle, when you’re dating someone who lives in Canada.

Me: “How hot is it going to be today?”

Him: “About 25.”

Me: “Should I bring a sweater?”

Him: “No. But tomorrow the temperature’s going to drop. So you’ll want to have your toque.”

Me: “What?”

Language barriers and metric systems aside, there’s something to long distance relationships. Something sweet and not yet explored by this writer. If you're considering a long distance relationship, or think you may come across any Canadians, stay tuned for more insights.